The Kappa Group of companies consists of

Kappa Electricals

Kappa Electricals was established in 1966 in Madras. The company manufactures current and voltage transformers upto 33 kV application, both indoor and outdoor. Kappa Electricals has received certification to ISO 9001: 2008 from DEKRA(previously KEMA), Netherlands. Kappa's products have wide acceptance both in India and Internationally. Products are manufactured to BS, IEC, and AS standards and dimensions are to DIN standards. Products have been type-tested. The company has vast expertise in the design and manufacture of current and voltage transformers for metering, protection and special protection applications.

Kappa Electricals has also published a reference manual for Instrument transformers.

Kappa Consolidated Pvt. Ltd

The company manufacturers low tension current and voltage transformers as per international standards. Some special products are summation current transformers, core balance current transformers, (Zero sequence CTs), clip on CTs & interposing transformers.

HT busbar supports upto 33 kV indoor application to DIN standards are also manufactured.

Southern Electriks

The unit specializes in the manufacture of control transformers, lighting transformers and auto transformers for motor starting duty upto 6.6 kV application. Product approvals from various agencies and consultants are available.

Kappa Electricals Pvt. Ltd

This company manufactures low voltage and medium voltage current and voltage transformers. The unit is based in Bangalore and also manufactures universal CTs, Furnace CTs and Transformers for special applications.

Kappa Exports

Kappa Exports can truly be termed "a single source for all your electrical needs". It is a trading concern that exports both the products manufactured by the group as well as products manufactured by several associates in India. A wide range of electrical items such as meters, busbar support insulators, both LT and HT, relays, switches, epoxy castings for various applications, insulating materials, brass items etc are exported. All items are inspected in-house prior to export. Type test certificates are available for all materials. The company exports to South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan , the Middle-East, and the Meditarranean countries. The company is positioned to meet the needs of both dealers and OEMs by offering a complete range of electrical equipment. This saves your having to look for several manufacturers of the various equipment required by you. You can instead procure them from one single source.

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