Approvals and Facilities

Kappa Electricals is certified to ISO 9001: 2008. The certifying agency is DEKRA(previously KEMA), Netherlands along with NVT Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.

The certification to ISO 9001 ensures that established procedures are followed in all areas of operation such as design, marketing, planning, purchase, production, inspection at all stages and despatch.

All designs developed are planned, reviewed, verified and completely validated by routine and type testing to the specified standards prior to production.Process parameters during winding and casting are monitored and recorded, and batch-wise traceability is maintained for casting.

Each range of products is covered by a detailed quality plan, that tabulates all related activities. All instruments used are calibrated with traceability to National standards.

The products manufactured by Kappa Electricals as well as by the other group companies are type tested to Indian and international standards at Central Power Research Institutes in India, Indian Institute of Technology, etc. The type tests performed include short time tests, impulse tests and temperature rise tests. Kappa transformers have also been tested by our customers in laboratories overseas and our transformers meet the requisite international standards including stringent requirements of partial discharge.

All the manufacturing units in the Kappa Group are well-equipped with manufacturing and testing equipment. Manufacturing equipment includes casting plants for epoxy resin encapsulation, automatic coil winding and toroidal winding machines with calibrated process equipment. Testing of instrument transformers is done using an imported Olman test kit, micro-processor-based with automatic read-out of errors. Partial discharge equipment manufactured by Hipotronics, USA is used for partial discharge testing.

Kappa's design, marketing, planning, purchasing and manufacturing activities are computerized.

Products exported by Kappa Exports are sourced from reputed manufacturers with national and international approvals. All products are inspected by Kappa Exports prior to despatch. Test certificates of conformance to standards can be furnished.

Kappa products are utilized by several multinational companies and regional leaders. These companies repose complete confidence in Kappa products and services,which are backed by several decades of experience in the field. Testimonials and client list can be furnished on request.

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