Medium voltage current and voltage transformers upto 33 kV application

Kappa manufactures instrument transformers upto 33 kV system, for both indoor and outdoor application.

Kappa Electricals
Current transformers

Voltage transformers

Voltage transformers of standard ratios 3.3kV/110 V, 6.6kV/110V, 11 kV/110V are available in four constructions -
1.Single phase single pole VT for earthed system,
2.Single phase double pole VT
3.Three phase, three limb VT for effectively earthed,non-effectively earthed and unearthed systems.
4.Three phase, five limb residual VT as above

The VTs are available with provision for fuse and without. Fuses are also provided by Kappa. VTs are manufactured in open execution and with enclosure, both stationary and draw-out, comprising a fixed and moving portion. Oil-immersed and epoxy resin cast constructions are available.

33 kV single pole voltage transformer

11 kV Draw-out voltage transformer

Typical burdens that can be offered are from 50 VA to 200 VA, with accuracy of 0.5 and 1. Double secondaries can be provided. VT can be designed for a voltage factor of 1.2 continuous, 1.5 and 1.9 for 30 seconds, and 1.9 for 8 hours depending on system earthing. Both measuring and protective VTs are manufactured.

11 kV indoor single pole VTs typically have widths of 150/160 or 170 mm. 22kV VTs have 196 mm width and 33 kV VTs 220mm width.

11 kV metering unit

Kappa also manufactures outdoor 11 kV metering units in oil-cooled and dry type construction. The metering units are used together with energy meters for measurement of electrical parameters.

Typical VT specification

Kappa Electricals
Current transformers

Kappa manufactures both indoor and outdoor current transformers upto 33 kV in ring type, window type, bar primary and wound primary constructions in ratios ranging from 10/5 A to 4000/5 A. Metering, protection and special purpose (Class PS or Class X) CTs are manufactured by Kappa. The typical burden for the CT is 15 VA and Class of accuracy ranges from Class 0.2 for high accuracy CTs to Class 5 for WTI CTs. The CTs have been tested for short time ratings (STR) upto 20 kA for 3 seconds for wound primary CTs and upto 110 kA for 1 second for bar primary CTs.

11 kV indoor CTs typically have widths of 148 mm, and 160mm and 180 mm. 22 kV CTs are offered in 180mm construction and 33 kV CTs in 220 mm width. These are in line with standard dimensions the world over and are suitable for a variety of panels.

11 kV wound primary CT

11 kV bar primary CT

11 kV & 33 kV outdoor oil immersed CT

In-house software is used for the generation of designs as also for costing. Designs thus generated are validated in line with established ISO 9001 procedures.

Typical CT specifications

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