Low voltage current and voltage transformers, special purpose transformers

Kappa Consolidated Pvt. Ltd.

Kappa manufactures metering, protection, Class PS LT CTs in tape wound, resin cast, and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) constructions as required. Toroidal (round) and rectangular CTs are manufactured to suit various busbar sizes. Six different ring sizes are specified, viz., 30 mm, 45 mm, 55 mm, 70 mm, 85 mm and 115 mm.

LT current transformers

3 Phase Resin Cast CT     Nylon Moulded CT

        Tripod CT                 Wound Primary CT

Kappa also manufactures special current transformers such as summation CTs which summate currents in different feeders and core balance CTs (CBCTs or zero sequence CTs) which are used along with earth fault and earth leakage relays such as CAG 12 C and CTU 15 M of GEC Alsthom (Alstom) make. Precision grade current transformers for laboratory use are also manufactured by us, as also furnace CTs, split core (clip-on) CTs and interposing CTs.

Measurement and protection VTs are manufactured in tape wound and resin cast construction, single phase and three phase constructions. Typical primary voltage is 415 V and 440 V and typical secondary voltage is 110 V. Burdens range from 50 VA to 200 VA for Class 0.5 and Class 1 accuracy.

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