Control and lighting transformers, Auto-transformers for motor starting duty

Southern Electriks

Single phase and three phase LT Control transformers and lighting transformers from 50 VA to 100 kVA capacity, in tape wound, resin cast and oil-cooled constructions, both with and without enclosures are manufactured. Temperature class of insulation E, B and F can be offered. Transformers with centre tap for earthing and isolation transformers are also manufactured. All our transformers are tested for temperature rise and are low loss, making use of the best quality electrical steels and electrolytic grade copper wire.

HT control transformers upto 11 kV and 15 kVA rating are also offered. Transformers for mining application can also be manufactured.

Auto-transformers for motor starting duty, both LT and upto 6.6 kV and 2000 HP, oil and air cooled constructions are manufactured. The typical duty cycle is 6 starts per hour and 20 seconds per start. Duty cycles can be offered to suit various motor characteristics.

1 phase & 3 phase control transformers, 3 phase auto transformer

LT resin cast transformer with enclosure

Typical specifications for lighting transformer: Capacity : 40 kVA
No : of phases : Three phase
Vector group : Dyn11
Insulation level : 0.66/3 kV/-
Ratio : 433/433 V
Primary tappings : +5% + 2.5%
Class of insulation : F
Construction: Indoor, resin cast, with enclosure
Accessories : MCB of suitable rating on secondary, off - circuit tap changing switch on primary.

Typical specification for auto - transformer

Capacity : 1250HP
No : of Phases : Three Phase
Insulation level : 0.66/3 kV/-
Voltage rating : 415 V
Tapings : 40%, 60%, 75%
Duty cycle : 6 starts per hour and 20 seconds per start
Class of insulation: A
Cooling : Oil - cooled
Construction: Indoor, with enclosure and first filling of oil

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