HT and LT busbar supports, epoxy castings for various applications

Kappa manufactures HT and LT busbar supports (post insulators) to DIN standards. The LT supports are made of DMC material in octogonal, hexagonal or rectangular construction. HT busbar supports for indoor application are manufactured upto 33 kV application. The insulators are made of epoxy resin and are completely routine and type tested as per IEC standards. Mechanical tests such as tension, compression and cantilever strength have been carried out. The insulators can be offered with different outer diameters for greater mechanical strength. Insert sizes, as well as overall dimensions, can be customized to suit customer requirements.

Kappa Exports exports a number of epoxy resin cast components such as busbar spouts, copper rods (CT rods), and any other components can be custom-built. All these products are type tested for impulse.

LT Insulators

HT Post Insulators

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