Switches, fuses

Cam-operated selector switches as per IEC and CE marked,motor, safety and control switches for ratings upto 250A and frequency 5MHz are exported.Other products include micro-switches, proximity switches, on-off switches, limit switches, din rail timers, toggle switches, push button stations, push buttons etc.

Miniature circuit breakers to international standards for single pole, double, triple pole and with neutral suitable for DIN rail mounting.

Fuse switches upto 800A, isolators upto 3150 A, on-load changeover switch and load break switches, earth switch.

Fuses - LT and HT HRC fuses and fuse fittings - LT fuses upto 800 A, complete with fuse fittings that are front, back or busbar connected, DIN type fuses with blade contact in sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3 with breaking capacity upto 500A, house service cutouts upto 800 A, HRC fuse links for semiconductor protection upto 350 A, Medium voltage fuse links for motor protection, (DIN type and BS type), and VT fuse links upto 33 kV.

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